House Fires: The Most Common Causes and Circumstances.


One of the most unfortunate events that can happen to a family. House fires can destroy personal belongings, leave families homeless, and can cost thousands of dollars. They can be avoided if you make yourself and your family aware of what causes house fires and how they can be avoided. Kitchen Most house fires actually start in the kitchen, as that is where many flammable appliances are. You have everything from the oven to the stove, and even smaller appliances like microwaves. Kitchen … [Read more...]

Moisture meters for home inspectors


Moisture meters for home inspectors are crucial. Your prospective new home has the right paint job and new carpeting, but hidden problems may exist in the structure. Using a home inspector is critical before you purchase a home.  Specialized inspectors look through the entire home, from attic to basement, and check for any structural or utility problems. Moisture within  walls or structural wood is cause for concern, but only a quality moisture meter detects these problems. Proper Tools A … [Read more...]

Remove Bad Odor from Flooded Carpet & Drywall

Weighted extractor for removing water from carpets

The cause of bad odor from flooded carpet and drywall is just that: wetness from the flood. Over a short period of time microbial activity increases and they release odors associated with their life processes. If addressed quickly, the odor is just that: odor and not harmful. To remove the odor the standing water and trapped water in all components that are porous need to be dried. Carpet with bad odor, drywall with bad odor, and padding with bad odor are notorious for soaking up water and … [Read more...]

Flooded Building: Drying While Saving Flooded Carpet & Drywall

Red rover with technician on top of it

In this video and associated photos you will see how to dryout a flooded building with a flooded carpet odor without removing the carpeting and drywall. We overview the equipment used, the type of moisture meters used, the minor repairs done for the drywall & texturing & baseboard, and the carpet cleaning. We do work much differently than the large, non-personal, non-customer service oriented franchises like Service Master and Servpro. First of all, we start with removing the water … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Help You Avoid a Kitchen Fire

A kitchen fire is one of the most preventable home disasters that can occur; however, that fact makes a home fire no less devastating. It only takes a few fairly simple, preventative measures to avoid a kitchen fire and any associated fire damage. 1. Install a smoke detector and make sure it is always in proper working order. A smoke detector offers the first signal that there is a problem in the home. While the detector does not have to be in the kitchen (and should not be to avoid false … [Read more...]

Make Your Home Green and Consume Less Energy

There are a myriad of inexpensive ways to green your home, and as a result, be earth friendly. All that's required to be the proud owner of a green home is the will and some good direction. Appliance Efficiency Appliances account for about 33 percent of the energy use in the average home. In a green home, they account for less and/or are run off renewable resources. Whether it's your refrigerator/freezer, washer/dryer, dishwasher or household electronics, the best way to save energy is … [Read more...]

Black Mold: Seriously Dangerous

Stachybotrys chartarum is the species of mold. It is also called black mold or toxic black mold. Toxic black mold affects your brain cells which causes symptoms such as mental issues. Breathing problems, due to mold spores in the air, damage to organs and sometimes even death. The main symptoms of toxic black mold are vision problems, skin issues, immune, reproductive, respiratory and circulatory problems. Plus many other issues with allergies. Black mold is a neurotoxin. This means they can … [Read more...]

Preventing Flooding In Your Home When Your Pipes Fail

Water damage and flooding caused by a pipe break or a pipe burst can cost you thousands of dollars for repair and restoration. The best thing you can do to avoid these costs is prevention, but if you experience water damage from flooding or a pipe break you will need trained professional water restoration experts to help you clean up the mess, make all the necessary repairs, and to help you deal with getting the most from your insurance company to pay for the damage. Water damage from a pipe … [Read more...]

Water Damage Control After Flooding in Your House

When water damage happens to your home, not only is it a mess to clean, it can be a health concern as well. The mold and fungus that can grow on wet or damp surfaces can make you and your family ill. Cleaning and disinfecting the areas that are wet should be taken care of right away. Depending on the extent of the damage, a professional may need to be called to dry everything out completely. Whether the water damage was caused by a flooded toilet, a washer malfunction, or a San Diego flooding … [Read more...]

How to Dryout & Reconstruct a Flooded 3-Story Building

Two dehumidifiers and wet wood flooring

In this video we show you an example of a 3 story building that we dried, what equipment we used, how much wood flooring was removed, how the drywall was removed to allow proper drying, and how much insulation was cut out. The steps show are the following: (1) Overview of Building Exterior (2) Cause of Water Damage (3) Drying Equipment (4) Moisture Meters (5) Drywall Removed for Drying (6) Reconstruction Wet drywall, wet insulation, wet wood flooring, and wet ceiling joists were all … [Read more...]