Long Term Water Damage Cleanup, La Mesa

water damage mold la mesa

The City of La Mesa is in San Diego County, CA. To view our page and details of La Mesa click here.  The homes in this area tend to be a bit older since the City of San Diego began not too far from the epicenter of La Mesa. Some homes are newer but of the ones that are many are remodels. This lends to faulty pipes, worn down valves, and ways for water to slowly or quickly creep into a home. Long term water damage almost always is synonymous with mold damage. Mold will grow when conditions are … [Read more...]

Soda Blasting Flood Cleanup Mission Trails

soda blaster water damage mission trails

Mission Trails Park is an area of San Diego County near Lakeside, El Cajon, and Santee off of SR-52, all in California. There are many homes surrounding the area. If you have had a flooded home that has not been remediated correctly or that a flood was not addressed or that a flood happened that was unknown, many times microbial growth will build up. If this happened under a home, especially, it can go without being seen for a very long time, increasing the amount of microbial growth. Some older … [Read more...]

Moisture Meters Used for Water Detection in Presidio Park

non penetrating moisture meter presidio park

Presidio Park is a public recreational park in Central San Diego County. There are many homes that circle the park and reside around the hills that surround the park. The homes are a bit older since many of them were built when the City was first planned. So for many homes here and the rest of the county, when you have a flooded house, it is important to know where the water is coming from so that it can be addressed and dried out quickly. We have a multitude of water detection moisture meters … [Read more...]

Hallway Flood Cleanup Kensington

flooded hallway dryout kensington

The Community of Kensington is part of the City of San Diego, CA is located in central San Diego County. Most homes in Kensington are one story but there are also many apartment and commercial buildings that are multi-level. Most homes are a bit older in this area of San Diego and prone to flooding. When customers call for a flood cleanup they have many questions like how do we get the water dried up quickly, will it be safe for me to live in my home after it is cleaned up, how long does it … [Read more...]

Downtown Wet Ceiling Joists Dryout

wet ceiling joist drying downtown san diego

Downtown San Diego is the heart of the City of San Diego and of the County. Most homes, condos, and apartments are in high-rises, which pose special circumstances for dryout remediation. For example, how do you get equipment up to the 20th floor of a building? How do you dry out an entire high-rise building’s floor? How do you deal with multiple owners within the same building on different levels when a flood has affected several units? How do you coordinate turning off the water when a flood is … [Read more...]

Condo Bathroom Ceiling Flood Balboa Park

ceiling hole restoration

Balboa Park is a large park in Central San Diego County. It is close to the San Diego Zoo and downtown San Diego. Many homes surrounding the park are condos. And as condos, these homes are prone to flooding from neighbors that live above on higher floors. When you own a condo and have a neighbor cause a flood to your ceiling bathroom ceiling, the process can be frustrating to get it cleaned up and dried out quickly. We have a process to streamline the steps and get your home back to normal very … [Read more...]

Crawl Space Flood Golden Hill

crawlspace flood cleanup golden hill

Golden Hill is a community of the City of San Diego located near the intersection of I-5 and SR-94 just south of Balboa Park. As with many homes in San Diego County, many homes in Golden Hill have crawlspaces or areas under the buildings. When there is a pipe burst, flooded toilet, drain line burst, sprinkler head flood, etc under the a home or building causing a crawlspace flood, many times it goes days or weeks without being noticed. The issue with having standing or polluted water under a … [Read more...]

Soaked Baseboard Dry Out South Park

wet baseboard cleanup south park

South Park is a community of the City of San Diego is located near Balboa Park, so Central San Diego County. Most homes not only in South Park but the rest of the county have baseboards and normally they are attached to either drywall or plaster. We have a process for drying them out quickly and safely and in many cases without needing to replace baseboards, passing savings on to you. Wet baseboards can happen from a multiple of water issues ranging from water seeping into a home slowly to a … [Read more...]

Water Bed Flood Normal Heights

water bed flood normal heights

The Community of Normal Heights is within the City of San Diego just south of Interstate 8 between Interstate 805 and Interstate 15. So, central San Diego County. When a home has a flood due to a water bed burst that causes wet carpets, wet drywall, flooded flooring, etc, it needs to be cleaned up correctly. The chemicals within water beds can be harmful to anyone in the home if not cleaned up and dried out quickly. How to clean up a flood from a burst water bed? Here are the steps: 1. … [Read more...]

Flooded Carpet Dryout University Heights

wet carpet drying university heights

University Heights is a community of San Diego located at the end of El Cajon Blvd on the West end. It is just south of Interstate 8 and between SR-163 and Interstate 805. As with many homes in San Diego County, homes in University Heights have carpeting. There are many two story homes as well with carpeting on both floors. When carpet becomes soaked from flooding it is extremely important to dry them out quickly in order to guard against odor, microbial growth, malicious air quality, and damage … [Read more...]